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CAAP Côte-Nord offers services that are confidential and free of charge. Its actions aim to help individuals unsatisfied with the services received or yet to be received from the health and social services system express their dissatisfaction while ensuring that these services meet their expectations and needs. The CAAP Côte-Nord staff travels throughout the North Shore territory to ensure better service.

 Who can benefit from our services?

It can be users of the health and social services network, their representatives, third parties or persons living in a private residential home for seniors.

CAAP services are free of charge and confidential!


Information service

CAAP Côte-Nord first takes action by receiving and analysing a person’s request, then, if necessary, directs the person towards services that can help them meet their needs more effectively, such as referring them to medical, social or community resources.

The information that is shared with you serves to facilitate the problem resolution process by informing you about the rights, types of recourse and possible alternatives available to you with respect to health and social services.

Information sessions are available to all groups, organisations or associations upon request.


Information sessions

The CAAP Côte-Nord team is happy to offer your group the opportunity to attend an information session about the rights and types of recourse available to you regarding health and social services as well as the assistance and support services we can offer you.


Service Assistance

Assistance and support professionals work with individuals, their representatives, third parties, residents and user groups to help them receive satisfactory services, ensure that their rights are respected, have improvements made in the quality of services or have actions susceptible of improving the health and wellbeing of the population be suggested.

The Assistance service includes such services as the clarification and documentation of a case, research, drafting of letters, advice, a supporting presence at appointments, explanations regarding the various avenues of intervention, their meaning and their consequences, administrative communications, follow-ups, progress reports, intervention requests, collective or systemic interventions, etc.




By providing us with all the pertinent information regarding your case and the progress made with the complaint examination authorities or the targeted organisation, you help us help you resolve your problem.


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