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Do you appreciate our work ethic and the corporate philosophy that pushes us to offer quality services?

In order to reflect the true mission of our organisation, it is now possible for you to become a member of our organisation and be one of our service ambassadors.

Membership is free. You can receive our “info-caap” newspaper, make suggestions as a network user and be informed of our many activities.

1 877 767-2227

As a member of DRSM Côte-Nord :

  • You become a member to be part of a network composed of persons concerned with the respect of user rights and the quality of services offered by the health and social services network.
  • You adhere to a societal concept where persons using health and social services have recognized rights, are treated with respect and dignity, receive appropriate services, are well informed and are supported and assisted throughout the complaint process.
  • You are invited to activities regarding the rights and recourse of users.
  • You are better informed and have access to documents on the rights and recourse of users of the health and social services system.
  • You support the respect for user rights within the health and social services system and the improvement of services.
  • You support CAAP Côte-Nord in the achievement of its objectives.


In return, CAAP Côte-Nord agrees to respect the following obligations:

  • Send you the annual reports and the briefs that it produces.
  • Invite you to its special annual general assembly.
  • Inform you about the activities it organizes.
  • Inform you about changes regarding the rights of users part of the health and social services network and the complaint examination process.



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